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Hello, and welcome to Underwood Artworks.

Pictured here on this home page is a new artwork in my "Image/Text, 20-inch Squares" series. This particular artwork is not on view now in my solo exhibition in West Virginia (it is too new), but it is part of the series of "image/text" artworks that I currently have on view in my solo exhibition at Carnegie Hall, in West Virginia, March 03 through April 28, 2017. More info: http://carnegiehallwv.org/exhibitions-films/david-underwood-image-text1 

I have constructed this web site as a set of portfolios that can introduce viewers (like you) to my work. I've been an artist for 30+ years, and I continue to evolve and make new work. Please click on the Portfolio links on the left of this page to have a look at some of my varied series of artworks. I make mixed-media artworks, composite photographs, drawings, and collages/assemblages. A lot of my work involves incorporating my own original photographs into mixed-media artworks or montage/composite photographs, with the intent of expanding the use of "the still photograph" as an instigator of meaning and as a facilitor of aesthetic and contextual possibilities. Thanks for having a look at some of my work.


I am the editor (and publisher) of an anthology photography book which was released from Sapling Grove Press in June, 2015. Take a look at the diverse, innovative, and progressive work in our book, RICH COMMUNITY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF APPALACHIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS, which includes previously unpublished work from 82 contemporary Appalachian photographers. You may be surprised by the diversity and complexity of the work included in this important book.




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